Hearing Care Services

Delta Hearing is a locally owned and operated hearing care service center dedicated to helping the people of Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota counties hear better. Whether you are a seasonal resident or enjoy Florida living all year long, trust the hearing professionals at Delta Hearing with all your hearing care needs. Don’t miss out on the sounds of your life; hear better and live better with the help of the professionals at Delta Hearing.

Cerumen Removal

Cerumen (earwax) is your body’s way of protecting the delicate lining of your ear canals. But too much wax can interfere with your ability to hear clearly and keeps hearing aids from fitting properly. If earwax is hard or impacted, it is difficult to remove safely at home. The hearing professionals at Delta Hearing can painlessly remove cerumen.

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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Whether used as a hearing aid or for hearing protection, custom earmolds are made from a cast of your ear. The hearing professional at Delta Hearing can make a cast of your ear or ear canal so your earmolds or earplugs will duplicate the shape of your ears exactly. Custom earmolds and earplugs are more comfortable to wear than off-the-shelf products.

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Hearing Evaluations

If you have failed a basic hearing screening, it’s time for a complete hearing evaluation. The hearing professionals at Delta Hearing use the latest technology and procedures to evaluate your hearing. These tests are painless, and an evaluation takes less than an hour. That’s time well spent to hear better.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

If the results of your hearing evaluation indicate you will hear better with hearing aids, Delta Hearing will match your needs with the most cutting-edge technology on the market. We take the time to assess your lifestyle, cosmetic concerns and budget and then recommend the best solution for you.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Hearing is highly individual. Each person hears a bit differently, so each hearing aid should be fitted and programmed with the wearer in mind. At Delta Hearing, our hearing professionals make sure your technology delivers sound the way you want to hear it, comfortably and naturally.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

When accidents happen, you can depend on Delta Hearing for fast and professional hearing aid repairs. We service most major manufacturers, and many repairs can be made while you wait. Bring your hearing aids in for a regular deep cleaning and see how well you hear with the help of Delta Hearing.

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Industrial Hearing Screenings

Exposure to noise on the job can result in hearing loss. Delta Hearing offers industrial hearing screening that keep you in compliance and get you back on the job as soon as possible. Screenings take less than an hour and meet all state and federal requirements for hearing preservation programs.

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