Hearing Aids And Face Masks

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC is recommending that everyone wear face masks in public to prevent the spread of the virus. For individuals who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids, the use of a face mask with elastic worn around the ears can cause irritation on the ear, as well as an increased risk of losing the hearing aid. Adults or children may forget they are wearing hearing aids. Then when a face mask is removed, it can cause the hearing aids to come off or be broken near the tubing or wire.

5 Tips for Wearing Your Hearing Aids with a Face Mask

Here are five solutions that may help prevent problems when wearing hearing aids and face masks:

  1. Pull back any long hair into a bun or with an elastic tie.
  2. Rather than looping the elastic of the mask on the ears, utilize button extensions for the mask (which can be made or bought).
  3. Obtain a mask that has four strings and ties behind the head rather than worn with elastic on the ears.
  4. Check that the hearing aid is still in place during and following removal of the mask.
  5. Remove your mask at home in an open area so if the hearing aids fall to the ground it can be found more easily.

If your hearing aid is compatible with a smartphone, you may be able to use a phone app to help detect a lost hearing aid. In general, the app indicates the last time the hearing aid and phone ?were connected. If you have lost or broken your hearing aid, contact your audiologist right away to find out if you are eligible for a replacement.