Hearing Aid Batteries

The digital processors in your hearing aids need a steady source of power. This power is provided by batteries. Your hearing aids may use disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. For your hearing aids to provide you the best listening experience, they need a full charge or fresh batteries. Changing batteries or charging them is part of regular hearing aid maintenance.

During your hearing aid evaluation, the hearing professionals at Delta Hearing will take into account your hearing needs, lifestyle and any vision or dexterity challenges when recommending hearing aids with either disposable or rechargeable batteries.

As part of your hearing aid fitting, you’ll learn how to change or recharge your batteries.

Types of hearing aid batteries

Most hearing aids use disposable batteries powered by zinc-air technology. These batteries create a chemical reaction when the zinc in the battery is exposed to the oxygen in the air. The battery life depends on the number of hours you wear your hearing aids, the size of the battery and the number of functions or features you use.

As lithium-ion technology improves, more and more hearing aids are using rechargeable batteries. These batteries work much like the battery in your cellphone. When the battery is low, you place the hearing aids in their docking or charging station for a few hours while they recharge.

Knowing when to change or recharge your hearing aid batteries

It’s important to change batteries or recharge them before the power level drops too low. Hearing aids need full power to operate properly.

When the battery level drops, the sound you experience will become distorted, muffled and provide poor sound quality.

If your hearing aids have a mobile app, it will indicate the power level. Most hearing aids emit a chirping sound when it’s time to change the battery and some even speak to you!

Buying hearing aid batteries

Shopping for hearing aid batteries is easy. No matter the battery brand or manufacturer of your hearing aid, all use the same color coding and numbering system to indicate the battery size.

Delta Hearing carries all the common hearing aid battery sizes.

  • Blue: Number 675
  • Orange: Number 13
  • Brown: Number 312
  • Yellow: Number 10

Store your hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry place. Before installing a new battery, remove the protective tape and wait two minutes to expose the battery to air. This simple step will help maximize the battery life.